Weighted Blankets: Honest Review

If you are one of the half of people who have difficulty sleeping, weighted blanket may be the answer. Because it reduces stress through deep pressure stimulation, which relaxes your body and mind. This article will guide you to buy best weighted blanket for dreams

There are many types of weight blanket , the bottom line is the weight that is applied onto your body with gravity which can help you fall asleep faster, reduce crying out at night, help with anxiety disorder or various neurotransmitter issues. The blanket weights up to 25 pounds which is about 10kg .

Weighted blankets make you feel like there’s a big hug! There’s no need to worry because they come in different sizes (Twin up to King size). It can be customised by adding or removing items in the blanket.

So how much should you spend for a good weighted blanket? The prices vary from £100 all the way up to £300 depending on what size, type and weight of fabric materials used in making the blankets. They are made out of cotton, polyester or silk material so choose one which you feel most comfortable with .

If your goal is to improve sleep quality , especially if you have trouble sleeping because of anxiety , stress, fidgeting while asleep , night terrors or restless leg syndrome , it’s best to buy weighted blanket that weights at least 10kg . It’s also advisable to look for those that come with washable covers as they last longer.

Because sleeping is very important as dreams are dreams which you experience through your five senses of touch, taste, smell , sound and sight.

Wishing you dreams of good sleep! – dreams are dreams

– improve sleep quality with weighted blanket starting at £49 now on sale

– come in various sizes (Twin up to King)

– made out of cotton, polyester or silk material

Hope this was helpful!

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