Swing Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Swing

Did you dream about swings? Dreaming that you are on a slide suggests that you are comfortable and satisfied with your current position in life. Although there might be ups and downs, you are generally content with the flow and momentum that you are experiencing. Consider how and where you are using the swing to get better dream meanings and interpretation.

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Dream About Playing Swing

Playing Swing
To dream that you are playing swing; foretells that you will have great satisfaction in experiencing the cycles and movement of life. Perhaps you are completing one project after another, and you feel fulfilled and happy with each completion. You are able to finish your projects and deadlines with ease.

Pushing Someone on a Swing
To see yourself pushing someone on a swing, suggests that you will motivate and coach someone through the transitional phase. You will help someone become independent so that they could enjoy the freedom of life on their own. However, at one point you will have to embrace the personal changes that they will go through.

Jumping Off a Swing
To dream that you are jumping off a swing; foretells that you will separate and let go of an easy ride suddenly. You will soon embrace a sudden change of lifestyle by choice. You will take a leap of faith towards your independence. However, you will stay grounded with your goals.

Standing on a Swing
Standing on a swing in the dream, suggests that you want more challenges in your life. You are pushing your limit to see how far you could get. You will put more power and focus on your endeavors.

Sitting on Swing
To see you sitting on a swing and swaying slowly; suggests that you are going back and forth in some situation. You have trouble making up your mind, so you are taking it slow while contemplating your next courses of action.