Space Dream Meaning

Did you dream about space? Space represents the exploration and new horizon. You are being in some location that requires you to think on your own. Depending on the contexts and type of space that you are in the dream. The dream can be interpreted differently. Is the location outer space? Or a common space like living spaces?

Table of Content

Dream About Outer Space Traveling

Flying Into Space
To dream that you are flying into outer space with wings or other technology; suggests that you are aiming to achieve a higher collective unconscious. You are thinking or planning something bigger beyond yourself. Soon you will work on something major.

Floating In Space
To see yourself floating in space; suggests that you are “spacing out”. Consider returning to your concentration. You are not focusing on your future and goals and simply wandering around.

Falling From Space
Dreaming that you are falling from space; suggests that gravity will pull you back into your own reality. You will soon lose your spirit and optimism about something. Watch out if you have had unrealistic dreams and goals in the recent past. You might soon suffer a rude awakening and lose all hope.

Being Lost In Space
To dream about being adrift or lost in space; indicates that you feel alone and without any direction. You are experiencing the void and loneliness. You are missing the anchor that ties you down. The dream suggests that you are easily distracted without any goals or purposes in life.

Dream About Other Space Actions

Crawling Through Tight Space
To dream that you are crawling through tight spaces; indicates that you need more room in a relationship or situation. Perhaps you are working under a micromanaging boss, or that you are suffocating in a tight relationship.