Screen Dream Meaning

Did you dream about the screen? It points to the filtered reality that you might be facing in waking life. You are either being cautiously optimistic or pessimistic. Try to look past what you see to get a better and clearer picture. Consider the type and condition of the screens appearing in your dream to get better interpretations.

Dream About Window Screen
A window screen door points to an emotional and psychological filter. You are not completely letting yourself out in the world. However, you try to get a taste of the freedom to enjoy the weather.

Dream About Computer Screen
To dream about a computer screen or monitor; points to the communication of work between you and others. You are bridging your thoughts and progress with others through the internet. Consider being more mindful about what others say and do. Look beyond the obvious.

Dream About Broken Screen
A broken or cracked computer screen, foretells failure, and difficulties in your work. You will not be able to communicate between your input and others.

Dream About Mobile Phone Screen
The dream of a cell phone screen indicates that you will soon be involved with certain issues or emotions. You will be included in some situations. Perhaps you will get back in contact with someone from your past.

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