Scorpion Dream Meaning – Top 21 Dreams About Scorpion

Did you dream about scorpions? Scorpions are associated with sorcery, mystery, secrets, dark arts, and dangerous behaviors. Scorpions in the dream suggest that you are on a destructive path. You carry bitter words and negative thoughts with you at all ties. You want to care and be nice around you, but you end up hurting others. Consider how you are interacting with scorpions in the dream to get better interpretations. Below we will not the most common occurrences of scorpions in dreams.

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Dream About Scorpion Actions

Running Scorpion
Running scorpion in the dream points to a path of destruction. You are attracted to something dangerous. You are curious about the motivations and next actions of those destructive individuals.

Scorpion Chasing And Trying to Bite
To dream that scorpions are chasing you down and trying to bite you; forewarns that someone from your past might come back and haunt you. These could relate to amazing ex-lovers, friends, and roommates, who later become deadly enemies because they know you so well.

Scorpion Eating Its Prey
To dream of a scorpion eating its prey or stinging someone; portends that someone you know will fall into a grasp of a cult or a sweet-talking scammer. Watch out for pyramid schemes that numb and devour you.

Scorpion Fighting
Scorpion fighting in the dream points to quarrels and arguments. You will fight with others with hurtful and harsh sarcasm in a power struggle.

Scorpion in Water
To see a scorpion swimming or simply floating in water; it points to your sad and depressed emotions. The dream warns that you might partake in drastic and even radical measures because of your deep sadness.