Scale Dream Meaning

Did you dream about scales? Scale in the dream points to the thought process of decisions that you need to make. You are weighing the pros and cons of all the options. Look at things from a rational perspective and assign values to them. Try to balance things as much as you possibly can.

Dream About Standing on Bathroom Scale
To dream that you are weighing yourself on a home or bathroom scale; represents concerns about your weight and image. You are concerned about your problems with weight gain or weight loss. The dream indicates that you are preoccupied with your physical appearance.

Dream About Doctor’s Office Scales
To dream that you are being measured by a doctor or nurse; points to potential health problems. Perhaps there are certain things wrong with your body. But you cannot pinpoint the problem without further testing. Consider getting a health check-up.

Dream About Fish Scale or Scale Armor
To dream about protective scales for crocodile scale or scale armor; points to your personal protective barriers. You are putting up defensive walls to protect yourself. You have delicate insides which can be easily hurt by others. So you try your best to cover all facets of your being. 

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Dream About Scale