Satellite Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Satellite

Did you dream about satellites? Satellite in dreams symbolizes global communication and overlapping dependencies that we all have on each other. Consider the contexts of the satellites in the dream to get a better interpretation.

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Dream About Launching Satellite

Launching Satellite
To dream that a rocket is sending a satellite into space; suggests that your investments and work will help you create more connections. You will soon have a better understand and become aware of issues that are faced by higher-ups and management.

Dream About Satellite Accidents

Falling Satellite
To see satellite falling from the sky, foretells a failure in communication in your organization or life will soon occur. You will soon lose some type of influence over people and your social circle.

Colliding Satellite
The dream that satellites are colliding into each other, symbolizes that you will encounter conflicting influences in waking life. A few people will evaluate you in different ways and try to guide you through different paths. You will soon be forced to make a decision that might cause pain, damage, and disappointment.

Dream About Observing Satellites

Many Satellites
To dream about many satellites, symbolizes that you have an ability to communicate between many different people. Be careful about the message that you try to send, as what you say will be received by many.

Orbiting Satellite
To see an orbiting satellite, indicates that you need to pay attention to the pattern on the cause and effect of communication among people. You will soon face the same situation where you have to understand the connections objectively.