Sand Dream Meaning

Did you dream about sand? It suggests that you have a changing perspective that is temporary. You might be working on something that will not last. Take the effort to slow down and reclaim the sense of balance in your life.

Dream About Sand Castle
Suggest a temporary achievement that you have accomplished, however, this achievement will not last and will be destroyed quite easily. Perhaps you may try to figure out ways to protect what you have created.

Dream About Sand Glass
Sandglass in the dream points to the passing of time. Perhaps you are letting the ticking clock control you. Take a step back and try to get a deeper understanding of time and how you relate to it.

Dream About Sand Dunes
Sand dunes in the dream points to signs of instability and lack of focus. However, you will soon find temporarily shelter or reprieve from the chaos.

Dream About Quicksand
Dreaming about quicksand typically suggests that you may feel trapped and that there is instability in your life. 

Dream About Beach Sand
To run on the beach sand in dream, suggests that you are doing double the work to achieve little.