Roof Dream Meaning – Top 26 Dreams About Roof

Did you dream about the roof? Roof in dreams symbolizes some protection, shelter, or barrier between the consciousness and believes of the world. You are trying to hold up certain values and lifestyles with security and aspirations. You do not care about how the world is affecting you on the outside. Depending on the condition, and your actions towards the roof in the dream, there might be different roof dream interpretations.

Table of Content

Dream About Roof Construction and Maintenance

Dream About Cleaning Roof
To dream about cleaning a roof indicates that you are going over a self-reflection period. You are trying to reorganize and reaffirm yourself after weathering the storms. You do not want your fatigue to affect your ability in the future.

Dream About Fixing Roof Repair
To dream about fixing or repairing a roof in the dream; suggests that others will hinder your goals and plans shortly. You cannot afford another complication or challenge until you patch up the broken pieces. The circumstances will challenge your faith and beliefs, and the dream indicates that you will need to reinforce your ideas.

Dream About Moving on Top of Roof

Dream About Climbing a Roof
The dream about climbing a roof; indicates that you have a strong desire to move forward or set higher goals and sights. However, you may have reached a certain limit out of your reach. You can only go so high with your current setup or foundation.

Dream About Sitting on a Roof
To dream about sitting on a roof indicates that you are waiting for certain things to happen soon. Perhaps you have reached a good balance in life between your needs and desires. And you are now resting before your next major actions.

Dream About Walking on Roof
To dream about walking on the roof is a sign that you are bounding yourself to an area of comfort. It may be you taking the easier and comfortable routes at work or school. However, it might actually be dangerous if you do not try to widen your horizon.