Robbery Dream Meaning – Top 16 Dreams About Being Robbed

Did you dream about robberies? To dream that someone has robbed you typically represents feelings of others forcing you to lose something. The dream generally foretells that perpetrator will benefit from your loss by force. You believe that you are a victim in waking life that is powerless against aggression or advances. The robbery dreams could also manifest your deep fears of someone robbing you in your waking life. Your mind is practicing and realizing what you may or may not do if it does happen in the future. Below we will go through some more related meanings and interpretations of these potential robbery dreams.

Table of Content

Dream About How Others Rob You

Dream About Knifepoint Robbery
To see someone robs you at knifepoint; indicates that you will be in unfair situations that threaten you to severe something. Perhaps others are forcing you to do things or to give up ideas that you value. If someone robs and stabs in the dream, the dream foretells that you will lose particular relationship ties or work titles.

Dream About Robber Mugging and Chasing
To dream about others robbing and chasing you while you are trying to run away from the robber; is a sign that you are trying to get away from a strained relationship. The dream reflects that someone is taking advantage of you, and you are trying to get away. Perhaps an overreaching boss or parent is trying to take away your identity and freedom. And you are resisting the robbery by running away out of their control.

Dream About Gun Robbery
To see someone robbing you with a gun; suggests that others are coercing you into specific actions by both hot tempers and irreversible decisions. Perhaps a hot-tempered boss or superior is using layoff or firing as the motivation. He or she will force you to conduct business against your morals and will. If someone robs and shoots you, it foretells that you eventually have to accept the bad situation. It is time to bite the bullet and move on with your life.

Dream About Robbery Locations

Dream Of Public Robbery
Dreaming that a thief robbing you in public and no one comes to your rescue; indicates that a situation has ruined your hopes and society if failing you. Someone is going to take advantage of you and steal from you. And others in waking life will take notice but forget to assist you or help you in any way. The dream foretells that peers and coworkers will disappoint you as you lose something important to you.

Dream of Getting Robbed Without Being Present nor Aware
To dream about a thief stealing and robbing you without knowing or being present; indicates that specific significant life changes will occur without you knowing. Certain problems and issues are happening in the background without you knowing. It is a sign that you might lose specific business opportunities. Competitors are going to find ways to cheat you out of your profits. Consider looking closely at your assets and valuables to make sure that nothing negative will occur.