Prayer Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Prayer

Did you dream about prayers? Praying signifies sincerity, humility, reflection, and faith. You are seeking help or divine revelation from a higher source. You are feeling lost and looking for guidance. Perhaps you feel alone and helpless in waking life, and you will hold on to any hope. Consider where you are praying, the emotions you are feeling, and the content of prayer to get better prayer dream interpretations.

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Dream About Praying

Praying in the dream represents a desire to escape from an unpleasant situation. You are not believing either yourself or the circumstances. Instead, you are relying on others to solve your problems. It reflects that you are relying on God, faith, authority, others, and hope to carry you through hardship. However, deep down you are feeling a sense of desperation. You seek salvation.

Performing Prayer Publicly
Dreaming that you are performing prayer in front of a congregation or crowd; indicates that you are gathering support for a greater cause. You are communicating with your social circle about your personal conviction and expectations.

Teaching Prayer
To dream that you are teaching someone else how to pray; suggests that you are sharing your faith to spread the message. You want to share your faith and beliefs with agnostic individuals or people of a different faith.

Hearing Prayer
Hearing someone’s prayer in the dream reflects a call for help. Someone is feeling weak and hopeless in waking life. It is possible that you hold the keys to help them. You will be able to make him or her feel better. Help people to deal with the problems and overcome them.

Leading Prayer
Leading a small group in prayer in the dream; it is a good sign. You will care and protect people who are the closest to you. Many friends will join you and respect you to lead the way.