Pigeon Dream Meaning – Top 22 Dreams About Pigeons

Did you dream about pigeons? Pigeons in the dream represent gossip, news, or general communication between people. In addition, the pigeons carry a message from your unconscious, specifically your emotions or feelings towards the thoughts of home and belonging. Below you can find more meanings in our detailed pigeon dream interpretations.

Table of Content

Dream About Pigeon Actions

Dream About Pigeon Attacking
Dreaming about a pigeon attack or peck; suggests that someone will force you to take the blame for their wrong actions. The dream also portends that they will also aggressively push you around instead of admitting their mistakes. Consider the part of the body where the pigeons are attacking you.

Dream About Dying, Sick, and Injured Pigeon
To dream that a pigeon is dying, bleeding, sick, or amputated injured, implies that you will suffer the consequences of spreading negative rumors or news. Consider avoiding speaking negatively of others, as others will eventually find out and punish you for it.

Dream About Pigeon Eating Bread
Seeing pigeons feeding or eating bread suggests that certain luck and wealth will become your rewards. Particularity, you will earn from affiliate-based business or referral commissions. So the luck is in your favor, and your work to spread the word will earn income for you.

Dream About 3 Pigeons Fighting for Food
To dream of more than 3 pigeons fighting for food is a sign of frustration and competition. As a result, you will experience incompatibility and pointless losing situations with others. Such quarrels may eventually result in the breakup of your social groups.

Dream About Seeing Pigeons Carrying Messages
Seeing a pigeon carrying a message means that you will receive certain news from someone you know. Specifically, the news will come from someone whom you have not talked to in a long time.