Pig Dream Meaning Interpretation

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Dreaming of a pig or piglet can mean a number of different things. Here we will cover some of the popular dream interpretation associations and meanings for dreaming about about a pig.

The Wisdom of Pigs as a Spirit Animals


You might be surprised to think of a pig as a spirit animal – especially if your first thoughts about pigs is that they are dirty or gross creatures. However, pigs are actually very friendly and intelligent – and so it only makes sense that they would come to us as messengers!

When pigs appear to us as a spirit guide or power animal, they are here to support us through our journeys in life.

Pigs can remind us to be playful, curious, and friendly in all of our matters in life. Pigs can also be a sign that we need to pay greater attention to our own surroundings and dealings in life.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Pig?

If you have a dream about a pig, the first thing is to think of your first thought or association with pigs.

Do you think they are cute? Intelligent? Dirty? All of these things will help you determine which of these possible meanings might apply to your dream.

Also, carefully think about the other elements of the dream – how did the dream make you feel? What other events or symbols were in the dream?

Context can play a big role in determining which possible meaning applies best to you and your life.

Here are some common symbolic dream meanings for pigs:

Prosperity and Abundance: Dreaming of a pig can often symbolize abundance,as it is customary in some practices to place pig statues or symbols in the home to attract wealth and prosperity.

Feelings of Affection, Love, Friendship: Pigs are the color pink, which we often associate with love, attraction, and affection. You may have been craving this in a relationship.

Intelligence: Pigs are very intelligent creatures, and dreaming of one could signify that you have gained new knowledge or insight regarding a matter.

Newness: To dream of baby piglets with their mother, could signify the beginning of something new – whether it be a relationship or a business venture you hope will succeed and be profitable. It can also symbolize your desire to be nurtured or to nurture someone else, depending on the context of the dream. If you are dreaming of a baby pig, you may also want to look into the meaning of baby dreams.

To have a pet pig: Dreaming of having a pig as a pet can mean that you feel one of two things: Either you feel you have taken on a new responsibility, or it can mean that you enjoy the role of taking care of others or matters in business.

Feelings of Guilt, Shame, or Low-Self Worth: A dream about a pig may feel like you are on the chopping block or that you do not feel love towards yourself or another person, especially if your association with pigs is not a positive one.

Legal Concerns: Pig is a common slang term for police, and so for some people it could mean that you are having guilt over illegal dealings and fear police involvement or that you are concerned about authoritative figures in your life.

What experiences have you had with pigs? Do you have any dreams or thoughts you would like to tell us about? Share your thoughts on dream interpretation meanings for pigs and piglets below.

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