Pier Dream Meaning – Top 9 Dreams About Piers

Did you dream about piers? Pier in the dream represents self-reflection and a half bridge into the subconscious. You are exploring and getting a glimpse of inner emotions and spirits. Consider the actions and location of the piers in the dream. Below we will note more detailed pier dream meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Actions on Piers

Walking on Piers
To see yourself taking a stroll on a pier; points to a positive outlook about uncertainty in your future. You have some idea about where you want to be. Yet you cannot fully predict. You are entering into a situation that has an unknown outcome. Perhaps you are taking lessons or start a side business, without the intention of fully dedicating yourself.

Praying on Piers
To dream that you are standing around praying or meditating on a pier; reflects that you are uncertain about a situation. You are not yet ready to act on your solutions. So you are asking your deeper emotions while trying to be practical.

Fishing on Piers
To see yourself fishing on the pier; foretells that you will try to find your spiritual spouse or soul mate. You are letting yourself out there to release the line and bait. Be patient about your endeavors.

Jumping Off Piers
Jumping off piers in the dream is similar to jumping off the cliff; you will lose your hope in someone. You may dive into emotional despair that can be hard to get out of. In a sense, you will spend time exploring your inner emotions and feelings.

Dream About Different Types of Piers

Ocean Piers
To see yourself on an ocean pier staring into the sunset or the horizon; denotes that you will be brave in your battle for recognition. You are heading into some unknown battle. It will be an important time to be mentally prepared and ready for your perspective or vantage point.