Passport Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Passport

Did you dream about passports? Seeing a passport in a dream represents your identity. Think about where you have come from, and the paths that you wish to travel to in the future. It represents your ability and approval to traverse through various situations. Perhaps you will soon receive the certificate of graduation or license. You will be able to find new freedom to do and go wherever you want.

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Consider how you are seeing the passport in the dream to get a better idea of the dream meanings. Are you getting the passport for a vacation cruise, work, or for another family-related trip? The dream could always reflect your waking interactions or fears with losing the actual passport.

Dream About Getting Passport

Receiving a Passport or Getting a Passport Stamped
To dream that you are receiving a passport or getting it stamped, represents approval. You will soon order or request something from an authority figure like a boss. Perhaps you are asking for some vacation time or even a paycheck raise. The dream suggests that you will soon get the green light to go ahead with your plans.

Applying for an International Passport Visa
To dream that you are applying for a passport or visa; is a sign that you might be working towards an important interview or relocation request. You will go through an important process that could completely transform your life in the near future. You are going to be traveling soon because of a job or other personal purposes.

New Passport
A new passport in a dream reflects new beginning chapters of life. You are staring completely new adventures with no past baggage or history. You will no longer let the past events drag you down from living the life you want.

Dream About Missing Passport

Forgetting Passport
To dream that you have forgotten your passport at the airport; is a sign that you will miss out on important opportunities because you are not qualified for. Double-check before you embark on any journey or project, to make sure that you have all the right credentials.