Onion Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Onion

Did you dream about onions? Onions in dreams represent tears, memories, disguises, and jealousy. It indicates certain layered emotions and mood swings depending on the contexts of the dream. To get the dream meaning for the onion, consider where you see onions, how you are using the onions, and the condition of the onion to get a clearer interpretation of such the dream.

Table of Content

Dream About Getting Onions

Dream About Buying Onion
Dreaming of onion shopping in a grocery store suggests that you are currently in a time of emotional need. But you will have to go through many people for help. Some of these people in your life could be phony, fake, and full of deceit.

Dream About Growing and Planting Onions
Growing and planting onions in the dream suggest that you need to go far and deep into understanding how and why you feel a certain way. Travel further into your childhood memories can yield powerful results in understanding yourself. Try not to jump to conclusions with obvious events or thoughts that you believe.

Dream About Onion Field
Seeing an onion field or onion farm indicates that there is an existence of unfortunate energy. Several accidents may happen in the future that will cause harm. Take the time to remove these potential pitfalls to protect what you love.

Dream About Cooking Onions

Dream About Cutting and Slicing Onion
Seeing yourself cutting an onion in the dream indicates that you are doing your best to go deeper into a relationship. You will learn more about someone whom you are dating. You are judging someone while opening yourself up to emotional swings.

Dream About Peeling Onion
The dream that focuses on peeling onion skin off suggests that you will expose certain issues in front of others. You will be able to see the true matter at hand. However, this can suggest you could potentially face losses, economic concerns, and difficulties as the facade has dropped. The dream foretells that you must make the best out of all negative situations.