Octopus Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Octopus

Did you dream about the octopus? Dreaming about the octopus relates to its many arms. The octopus dream symbols relate to greed and clingy. Being a deep-sea creature, octopus dreams can also point to being secretive and manipulative in nature. Below are more specific octopus dream interpretations to help you understand their meanings.

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Dream About Aggressive Octopus Attacking

Dream About Octopus Attack or Octopus Grabbing You
Experiencing a nightmare octopus attack or grab suggests that some difficult matter is entangling you. For example, you have overbooked and overextended yourself in various assignments and relationships. As a result, they are clouding your better judgment for the worse.

Dream About Octopus Bite
Dreaming about being bitten by an octopus suggests that some form of greed is hurting your relationship. For example, someone in your life may want too much time or money.

Dream About Octopus Grabbing Many Things
To see an octopus taking many things simultaneously is indicative that you are participating in too many things. Be aware of juggling and trying too many things at the same time. You might end up doing poorly in all of them with your targets. However, if the octopus in the dream executes his moves perfectly, it soon points to a successful multi-tasking effort.

Dream About Many Octopus
A dream of many octopuses swimming together suggests a competitive environment that you will soon participate in. The dream foretells that you will be competing for survival against other greedy and hungry competitors. Yet, at the same time, you will have the opportunity to meet many new people at such social events.

Dream About Intertwined Octopus
To see octopus intertwined together, a knot represents a codependent relationship.