Medieval Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Medieval

Did you dream about the medieval? Dreaming about being in medieval times, suggests that you are drawing certain comparisons in waking life to that of your impressions and beliefs about medieval times. Perhaps some old ways of thinking in your environment are holding you back. And you are either seeking changes, or you are afraid of new changes. Below are some interpretations of common medieval-themed dreams.

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Dream About Being In the Medieval Period

Dream About Surviving and Living in Medieval Period
Living in medieval times and trying to survive in the dream; represents a dangerous situation in your life where the consequences of failure are high. The people around you might be brutal and irresponsible with their actions. The dream is a reflection of harsh circumstances and unnecessary risks.

Dream About Time Traveling to Medieval History
To dream that you have time-traveled to the Medieval period, could point to a sign of escape. Your subconscious is drawing parallels of waking life with certain aspects of medieval history. The dream mimics your strong emotions of being loyal and survival instinct, and transposed them in a different time setting. Consider your actions during the time travel dream to figure out your best course of action in modern times.

Dream About Common Medieval Themes

Dream About Medieval King or Queen
To dream about kings or queen in medieval times, represents the ruthless culture in your working or family environment. Certain people in your lives are domineering and controlling. Exhibition of unscientific beliefs and dramatic actions may be the downfall of your organization. Be aware of the status quo and blindly following orders coming from the top.

Dream About Medieval War
Seeing or partaking in a Medieval war, points to life-threatening struggles and failing health. You are in a situation where your chance of survival is at odds, or encountering life-changing decisions. Be prepared soon to face some major struggle that you feel ill-prepared for. You may end up making irrational and impulsive decisions.

Dream About Medieval Castle
Medieval castles in dreams signify reward, honor, and praise, specifically to some of your past work and achievements. However, the dream also reflects an end of an era. People will forever remember you for your achievement. However, new and better ideas will soon replace your outdated empire.