Mask Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Mask

Did you dream about masks? Mask in dreams typically relates to some form of deceit or misunderstanding. Intentions and emotions are hidden behind a mask or barrier. Consider who is wearing the mask and how you perceive the mask in dreams. Below we will help you interpret the most common occurrences of masks in dreams.

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Dream About Wearing Masks

If the dream depicts yourself wearing the mask, consider the context and the person you interact with inside the dream. The mask suggests that you are trying to be someone that you are not. You are doing so either to impress or deceit others.

Consider the mask as a way to hide your true feelings and emotions. You are suppressing your own opinions to make others feeling better.

If you have a hard time taking off the glued-on mask, it suggests that your true self has been lost or blurred. You are appealing to others that you have forgotten how you feel about yourself.

Not recognizing the person wearing a mask or the mask represents someone else’s face; signifies temporary trouble due to misunderstanding. Others could misinterpret the intentions behind your actions.

Dream About Other People Wearing Mask Occasions

Seeing someone wearing a mask in your dream denotes that you are trying to see through someone’s deceit. Do you know the person underneath the mask? It could suggest that you have seen through the disguise.