Maple Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Maple

Did you dream about maple? Maple in the dream symbolizes warmth, openness, the ability to accept others, and modest affection. Consider how and where you see the maple in the dream. Think about your emotions and feelings while looking at maple trees. Below we will go through the different maple dream meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Maple Tree

Maple Leaf
Maple leaf in the dream points to each of the five senses and the passing of time. You are going through certain transitions through the seasons. Rely on your senses and understanding of the world. Enjoy and embrace harmony.

A maple leaf turning red and falling to the ground, indicates a break time is near. It is time to rest and prepare for the next leg of your life.

Beautiful Maple Tree
To see a beautiful and healthy maple tree; suggests that you will be able to live through damaged and disrupted situations. Shift your reality and take whatever action to achieve your dreams. Do not be afraid to be different. Stay true to your course of action.

Chopping Down Maple Tree
To dream that you are chopping down a maple tree with an axe; indicates that you are causing family disharmony. You are aiming to break ties with your family such as divorce.

Falling Maple Tree
Falling the maple tree on the floor in the dream points to anxiety and doubt. You worry that you do not live to the standard. You will disappoint others.