Makeup Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Makeup

Did you dream about makeup? Seeing makeup in the dream typically suggests that you are trying to cover up and conceal an aspect of yourself. You typically do not feel confident about these aspects that you are trying to conceal. Here we will go through the most common dreams associated with makeup and your actions using the makeup.

Table of Content

Dream About Makeup Items

Bags and Kits

Dream About Makeup Bag or Purse
Opening or looking through a makeup bag in the dream associates with the new opening of doors and chapters in your life. Perhaps you will land a new job or encounter new romantic life experiences. You are mentally preparing to bring your best face forward to face the new people in your life.

Dream About Makeup Kit
Using a makeup kit in the dream indicates that you may need several approaches to impress other people. Consider using a combination of techniques and expressions to achieve your goals.

Individual Items

Dream About Blush Makeup
Dreaming of a blush suggests that you will be greatly surprised shortly. You are expecting certain events. But you feel that you need to act surprised like a surprise party or surprise marriage proposal.

Dream About Makeup Brush
To see or use a makeup brush in the dream suggests that you will encounter trouble deciding quickly. You will go back and forth a few times before you are happy with your final decision.

Dream About Eye Makeup like Mascara or Fake Eye Lashes
To dream about makeup that beautifies the areas around the eyes specifically relates to acceptance and adornment. You want others to adorn you, and you are trying hard to improve the impression you give to others.