Maggots Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Maggots

Did you dream about maggots? To see maggots in your dream typically represent your anxieties about death. It can also suggest some form of negligence and lack of care. Maggots can represent negative yet lingering emotions that have come to life. Pay close attention to the context of the maggot’s worms and your associated actions and feelings within the dream. Below we will go over some of the most common scenarios where maggots can occur in the dream.

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Dream About Maggots Coming Out of Your Body

In the dream about maggots growing out of you, pay attention to which body parts maggots are coming out of. These body part’s locations can offer valuable clues to the meaning of your maggot’s dream interpretation.

Dreams of maggots coming from under and crawling out of your skin suggest that there have been issues that you have been rejecting or ignoring. The issues have been brewing underneath the surface, eating away at you. The issues have now become apparent and easily observed by everyone around you.

Dreams of maggots growing in your hair or jumping from your head; suggest that you have serious issues bothering you. You are hoarding negative emotions and thoughts, and you are choosing not to do anything about the situation. The negative thoughts might be all in your mind or from your past. Dig deeper within yourself to find out why you feel a certain way.

Dreaming of maggots around your eyes suggests that you are in denial about an obvious problem, and you are refusing to see the truth.

Dream About Maggots in Food or Mouth

If the food that you are consuming is crawling with maggots, it can suggest guilt and impurity. You may be profiting from immoral business doings or decisions that make you feel guilty. However, eating maggots straight out suggests that you are consuming or taking in dirty or unclean thoughts.