Luggage Dream Meaning – Top 21 Dreams About Luggage

Did you dream about luggage? Luggage and baggage in dreams refer to the responsibilities and considerations you carry with you. If they are too heavy and falling on you, it suggests that your past emotions and problems are holding you back. However, if they contain valuable items, they represent your necessary abilities. You hold the skills and tools to progress through your travels and life’s adventures. However, luggage dreams can always refer to your waking life luggage. Your fear for your belongings transferred to the dream world.

Table of Content

Dream About Carrying or Leaving Luggage

Dream About Carrying Luggage
To dream about carrying luggage is a sign that you have lots of experiences that weigh on you. This baggage makes you stronger and drags you down if you are not careful.

Dream About Leaving Baggage Behind
Intentionally leaving baggage behind in the dream suggests letting go of your past responsibilities. You are running away from issues that you have decided initially to keep.

Dream About Someone Carrying Luggage
To dream that someone is carrying baggage means that a lousy quarrel may eventually lead to an ugly breakup. Someone is preparing to leave the situation, along with their problems.

Dream About Forgetting Luggage
Forgetting your luggage on a train or elsewhere is a sign that you did not think enough about some of your issues. These issues are going to hinder you during your journey. Your lack of attention will make some things much harder.

Dream About Looking and Searching for Baggage
To see yourself searching and looking for your baggage is a sign that you are looking for your identity while on a journey. Perhaps you feel that you are not well equipped for the current situation. And you are seeking into your past to see if there are items that you could relate to and use.