Lotus Dream Meaning – Top 20 Dreams About Lotus

Did you dream about the lotus? Lotus represents enlightenment, purity, beauty, and growth. You are aiming for spiritual expansion during times of hardship and negativity. You are hanging on to hope and innocence during hard times. Consider where and how you are dreaming about the lotus to get a better interpretation.

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Dream About Where the Lotus Is

Dream About Lotus in Water Pond
To see a lotus in water pond in the dream, is a sign that you should stop and listen. Take your time to focus on inner growth and help you through the challenges. The answer might not appear to you right away. Stop and seek the truth through the tranquility and calm of your mind.

Dream About Lotus in Bloom in Bathtub
A lotus in a swimming pool or even a jacuzzi tub in your bathroom in the dream, indicates that you need to listen more to your intuition and look for answers in unexpected places. The answer might lie around you, you have to seek it from your everyday life.

Dream About Flying Lotus In Sky
Seeing a flying lotus floating in the air, foretells that you are marked by fate. Something or some person with extraordinary destiny is going to reveal itself. This is a symbolic reflection of magical abilities or hidden talents that will soon occur. You need to prepare yourself to grasp the opportunity when they arise.

Dream About Lotus Flower in Mud
To dream about lotus flower staying in the mud, identifies spiritual awakening through tough and negative times. You will soon be hit with negative circumstances such as affairs, bribes, and lies. However, the dream predicts that you will perform an unusually wise and ethical act during the degenerate periods.

Dream About Different Lotus Parts

Dream About Lotus Flower
Lotus flower in full bloom, is a sign of good luck in business and life. You will have an epiphany that results in good decisions.