Lost at Sea Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Being Stranded and Adrift

Did you dream about being adrift or lost at sea? It typically relates to your state of mind. Perhaps you feel that you are without any direction in life. You do not have anything to tie you down and you are free to move wherever you want. However, because you do not really have purpose nor goals, you simply float about aimlessly.

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Dream About Losing Anchor or Power to Become Adrift

To dream that you lost anchor and power to steer yourself on the sea, is indicative of a puzzle that you have been unable to solve. The problem is getting more serious and you have lost your motivation to continue facing it. An obstacle is going to surface and render you directionless.

Dream About Adrift at Sea and Lost

Seeing yourself being lost and adrift at sea, is a sign that you lack guidance in your life. You are drifting up and down, ebbing with the flow of your emotions. You let emotions of yourself and others guide your actions; because of such, you tend to make aimless moves that usually land you nowhere.

Take consideration if you are actively trying to find a way out, are you using a compass for direction? Are you trying to stay dry to survive longer. They reflect your waking attitude about your current dilemma.

Dream About Intentionally Being Adrift

To dream about intentionally being adrift, is a sign that you are having a dilemma facing a decision. The dream foretells that you will fall onto the comfort of indecision. You will refuse to make a final call on what you will do. Things that have been bothering you will continue to exist.

Dream About Being Rescued from Being Adrift

Dreaming that you are being rescued after being adrift, is a sign that success will follow hardship and uncertainty. You will be able to find new purposes in life and anchor yourself again. New things and people will matter to you. Consider how you have been rescued to get better ideas. Helicopter? Rescue fast boat? Or rescue planes?