Lock Dream Meaning – Top 26 Dreams About Locks

Did you dream about locks? Dreaming about a lock in your dream signifies a certain puzzle situation that hints at your inability to get to what you want right away. You may need to find the right method (key) or get to the right person to solve the puzzle. Pay attention to the context and situation to figure out how you are encountering the lock in the dream to get better ideas. Below we will go over some of the most common lock-related dreams meanings and their interpretations.

Table of Content

Dream About Working with Locks

Dream About Changing a Lock
To change a lock in the dream indicates that you are making changes into a certain relationship and taking matters into your own hands. You are shutting out someone to who you were previously close. You are denying other people’s and revoking their previous access.

Dream About Breaking or Cutting a Lock
Breaking a lock via brute force in the dream indicates that you may be overstepping other people’s boundaries or privacy. You want to break open other people’s barriers to get your desire. It foretells that you will be able to win over your rivals.

Dream About Picking a Lock
To dream about picking a lock suggests that you need to find clever ways to get through to the core of your problems. So instead, try to find little clues and indicators along the way and combine them to figure out clever solutions.

Dream About Locking a Gate
To dream about locking down a gate; points to your desire to clamp down on the gossip that is your environment is passing. You are trying to keep the information contained in your social circle only.

Dream About Locking Doors
To see yourself locking doors in the dream points to the restrictions that you are making for others. Perhaps you are keeping someone either in or out of your boundaries. But, on the other hand, you define a clear set of rules for others to follow and respect.