Lettuce Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Lettuce

Did you dream about lettuce? To dream of green lettuce indicates freshness and simplicity. A complete head of lettuce represents your ego and self-esteem. Depending on the context and your interaction with the lettuce, the lettuce-related dream interpretations may be a little different. Below we will help you understand what these interpretations might entail and mean.

Table of Content

Dream About Growing Lettuce

Dream About Planting Lettuce
Planting or sowing lettuce in the dream points to certain situations where you are seeking approval or permission. You are unsure of your decisions after you have made them. Only time will be able to tell if you have made the right calls.

Dream About Picking Lettuce
Dreams of picking lettuce off a field mean that you will receive a gift soon. This gift will be a result of a long-standing relationship that you have had with others.

Dream About Appearances of the Lettuce

Dream About Purple Lettuce
Purple lettuce color in dreams signifies your need for spiritual nourishment. You will have to element your level of thoughts or lack a particular state of mind. Consider thinking through issues more thoroughly to achieve a well-balanced point of view.

Dream About Baby Lettuce
Dreaming about small or baby lettuce suggests that you should not abuse your physical good state to carry out extreme or overly violent sports.

Dream About How You Are Eating Lettuce

Dream About Shredded Lettuce
Seeing or using shredded lettuce in the dream is a sign that you will hit some form of personal crisis. However, you will survive and succeed with the help of others if you see someone using shredded lettuce on other food items such as tacos or hot dogs. Take additional care with your relationship with friends or colleagues can save you at the time of need.