Letter Dream Meaning – Top 24 Dreams About Letters

Did you dream about letters? A letter in the dream signifies that you have a hidden understanding of yourself that is not fully explored. Pay attention to the contents of the letter, who the letter is from, and the type of letter to get more guidance related to your situation. Below we will go through the most common dream analysis about letters.

Table of Content

Dream About Interactions with Letters

Dream About Receiving a Letter
To dream that you receive a letter in an envelope from someone. Suggests that someone is trying to tell you something. However, he or she is afraid to say it directly to you. They are waiting for the right moment to break certain news or information to you.

Dream About Writing a Letter
Writing a letter in the dream, indicates that you are trying to express or convey some thoughts from the heart. You want to take the time and effort to really think through what you want to say. Consider if you are having an easy or hard time to write the letter in the dream. If you have trouble, it suggests that you have trouble expressing your thoughts.

Dream About Reading a Letter
To read or see a letter in the dream, is a sign that you have completed a cycle. You will soon go through the process of learning a task or information from others. Perhaps you will receive certain contracts that will push your career or business further.

Dream About Finding Letter
Finding a letter in the dream suggests that somebody far away is thinking of you. You might be reconnected with someone living abroad or far in the near future.

Dream About Sending a Letter
To dream that you are sending a letter away with stamps indicates that you have an emotional or important message. You will try to get out to someone at any cost.