Leech Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Leeches

Did you dream about leeches? Leeches in dreams relate to negative items that are draining the life and energy out of you. These could represent habits, people, or events that are consistently making worse of your body and mind. At the same time, these negative parts of your life thrive on your vitality. If you leave them be, they will grow and multiply over time and cause further damage to you. Consider how you are handling the leeches in the dream. So that you can get better ideas on the potential actions that you could take in waking life.

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Dream About Leech Attacking You

Bitten by a Leech Attack
To dream that a leech is trying to latch onto you and attacking you, points to a greedy person or vice that could get you hooked similar to a vampire or bat. Perhaps someone or something will take advantage of your carelessness, and relieve you of your money or resources. Be careful of gold diggers or gambling habits that will have a huge appetite over time.

Removing Leeches from Body
To dream that you are removing leeches, suggests the need to remove negative influences and causes of your psychological issues. Somethings are draining you and dragging you lower when you are not paying attention.

Getting Infected From Leech Bite
To dream about getting infected from leech bite, suggests that you will get unpleasant complications when you try to detach yourself from negative leechers in waking life. Perhaps he or she will spread nasty gossip about you after you have severed your unhealthy relationship.

Leech Crawling Under Skin
To dream about leech crawling under your skin, indicates that someone is trying to get into your mind in order to force you to do unwanted things. Watch out for someone blackmailing you about something.

Leech All Over Body
To dream that you have leeches all over you, reflects being burdened with debts that may be impossible to pay. You are bleeding dry from high-interest credit card or more mortgage and rent than you could afford. People are profiting consistently from your monetary losses. You have to figure out some ways to plug the losses.