Hippo Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Hippo

Did you dream about the hippopotamus? It reflects someone who is aggressive, unpredictable, and territorial in your waking life. You or someone has more power than you realize. Try to shy away from head-on conflicts, as you will likely be crushed for overstepping the boundaries. Consider how you are interacting with the hippo and the contexts. Below we will help you analyze different hippo dream meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Action Towards Hippos

Being a Hippo
Being a hippopotamus yourself in the dream; reflects that you are hard to deal with. However, you are oblivious to the fact. You tend to go about your day without the distractions of others. When other people overstep the boundaries and enter your bubble, you will attack them aggressively for trespassing.

Eating Hippo
Eating hippo meat in the dream; foretells that you will gain the favor of an important authority or client like the president. He or she will reward you for hitting their sweet spots. The dream could reflect that you are getting special treatments from people like sugar daddy / mommy or a boss.

Playing with Hippo
To dream that you are playing with a hippopotamus; indicates that you are playing a dangerous game. Perhaps you are serving or spending time with a moody and unpredictable individual. It is OK for the majority of the time. But you do not know when the person is going to lash out at you about something.

Hunting or Killing Hippopotamus
To hunt or even kill hippos with guns and arrows in the dream; indicates that you are tackling a significant, hard, yet hidden challenge. Soon you will be assigned the task that no one wants to do, but needs to be done. Use your creative ability to handle this project. Tread carefully or else your reputation and spirit will be crushed.

Dream About Hippo Actions

Chased by a Hippo
A hippo chasing you in the dream foretells obstacles. You will have a hard time breaking the wall or mental armor of people. Someone will have strong opinions about what you have to say or sell. And he or she will attack you relentlessly for expressing your thoughts. Every little thing that you say or do can anger them to lead to arguments.