Helicopter Dream Meaning – Top 20 Dreams About Helicopter

Did you dream about helicopters? Helicopter in your dream represents your wealth, ambitions, and achievements. You have clearly defined goals and you are working hard and steady to pursue it. By continue working, adapting, and practicing your craft, you will obtain new-found freedom and greater awareness. You will soon be able to have a clear view and perspective of what others might miss. Consider why and how you are seeing the helicopter in the dream to get better meanings. The dream meanings can differ from regular airplanes.

Table of Content

Dream About Helicopter Flying

Helicopter Crashing and Falling Out of Sky
To dream about helicopter falling out of the sky and crashing, foretells failed plans and problems in your professional career. You will fall from grace from a high standard or authority. Consider being more vigilant about how you handle and control your everyday actions. Disaster can strike when everything appears normal and routine.

Running From Helicopter Chasing
Dreaming that you are running away from a helicopter chasing you in the sky, reflects that you are feeling trapped and threatened by your or someone else’s aspirations and expectations. Perhaps you are pursuing other people’s goals instead of your passion. You feel that you are being cornered to act out a certain way.

Helicopter Shooting and Attacking
To dream about a helicopter attacking and shooting guns at you, foretells that you will be threatened by some danger. It is a warning sign for you to be cautious, be ready to seek cover, and protect yourself.

Dream About Where is the Helicopter

Helicopter in House
To dream about an actual or remote control helicopter toy in the house, indicates that your family life will limit your aspirations. You will soon have to make hard decisions about giving up or hurting your family.

Dream About Being on a Helicopter

Helicopter Ride
To dream that you are taking a helicopter ride, consider the reason behind your ride. Are you exploring safari, the mountains, or the wilderness? It could point to a need for a higher perspective. Think bigger and higher than your current position, so that you could make better plans for the long term.