Glitter Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Glitter

Did you dream about glitter? Glitter in dreams refers to fame, glamour, and glitz. Something or someone is deserving of extra attention. If you are utilizing or applying glitter, it suggests that you should express yourself more and grab other people’s attention. Consider how you are using and where you are seeing glitter to get better dream interpretation.

Table of Content

Dream About Covered with Glitter

Body Being Covered with Glitter
To dream that your entire body is covered with glitter, reflects a type of new start or a good experience. You have put yourself out there under all the glamour. You are shimmering with confidence and beauty. The dream suggests that you are ready to shine and start a new relationship with people.

Face Being Applied with Glitter Makeup
To see yourself with glitter makeup like glitter lipstick lips or shimmering powder, suggests that something in your life is about to gain a lot of attention. The dream suggests that you will soon get a special trophy or accolade. However, fame might be short-lived and temporary.

Dream About Using Glitter

Eating Glitter in Mouth
Eating glitter on desserts or cakes in the dream, reflects that you need to be careful about how you are expressing yourself and taking feedback from people. Not all the compliment that you receive is true and solid. Many things will be said that will make you feel good and important. But not all of them are true and permanent. Blindly consuming and believing all positive feedback can be harmful.

Crafting with Glitter
Making crafts with glitter in the dream illustrates that you need to craft your own sparkle in life. You need to see and experience the beauty in order to create magic and opportunity that is abundant. Perhaps you need to find the right glue and catalyst in order to make your inspiration stick. Experiment with different themes until you shine in a subject that you adore.

Dream About Where the Glitters Are

Spreading and Throwing Glitter into the Wind or Air
To see yourself spreading glitter and throwing it into the wind, suggests that you need to be more outgoing. Do not be afraid to share your opinions with the world. As the world is waiting for a new celebrity to be born.