Fruit Dream Meaning – Top 40 Dreams About Fruits

Did you dream about fruits? Fruits in general, signify financial gain, growth, luck, love, well-being, and abundance. They could relate to lust, sexuality, and health. They are full of vitamins and good sugar. Consider the contexts of the dream. Think about your interactions with fruits, types of fruits, and the conditions of fruits. Below we will note the most common dream interpretations for fruits as a whole. We also provide links to all the specific fruits that we have written dream analysis for.

Table of Content

Dream About Specific Types of Fruits

Below is the current list of all the fruits dream meanings that we have covered. We will add more in the future as we add to our library.

Dream About Preparing Fruits

Washing Fruit
To see yourself washing fruits with water over a sink; point to a process of cleansing and growth. You will soon be getting over certain hard feelings with coworkers or colleagues.

Plucking or Picking Fruit
Plucking fruits from trees or picking fruits from bushes in the dream; foretell richness and pleasure will become readily available. You will soon enjoy the fruit of your labor and love.

Cutting Fruit
To dream that you are cutting open fruits with a knife; predicts that you will cut through your disillusions and apparent success. You will soon get to the core of your problems and successes. Perhaps you will redefine yourself by finding meaning underneath the surface.

Receiving Fruit
To dream that you receive fruit from someone as a gift; foretells that someone is going to do you an important favor. This favor will push you further in your personal success.