Ex Dream Meaning

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Dreaming about an ex? While these dreams can be confusing to understand at first, fortunately they can also give us a lot of wisdom on our current situations in life!

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Ex?

ex dream meaningDreaming about your ex is most often your subconscious processing the end of a relationship. Whether it is your ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband, ex-wife – most likely you are not too eager to see these people in your dreams!

Fortunately, dreaming of an ex doesn’t typically mean what you might think!

Here are Some Common Examples of Dreaming About an Ex:

If you dream of physical contact with your ex:

Often times when a relationship ends feelings of pain, sadness, guilt, remorse, regret and bitterness are often present. There may also still be feelings of love and longing.

Most often if you dream of physical relations with your ex this indicates that your subconscious has not completely moved on from the breakup and that a part of you still desires some aspect of your ex.

You may be missing the intimacy and connection that you specifically shared with this person, even if you have this dream years later or are in a new relationship.

Of course, this is not to say that your ex was the best match for you or that you should consider restoring the relationship. It just simply means that you miss certain aspects of the connection you had and that your subconscious has not fully made the leap or is not entirely ready to accept the fact that you are no longer together with that person.

If you dream of arguing with your ex:

This dream most often reveals that you are still harboring anger or that you have not fully resolved conflicts that arose while you were with your ex. You may wish to evaluate what feelings of anger or bitterness you feel and to make an effort to forgive and let these feelings go.

Harboring these feelings will only cause you more anger and bitterness but through forgiveness you will find healing and peace. This is an exercise you can do on your own, or you may also wish to talk through things that are still causing you anger and upset and request a sincere apology from your ex, from which you can issue forgiveness.

If you dream of eating with your ex:

Many times we associate dating with going out to dinner or eating food together as a couple. Sharing food is often a sign that you miss the connection and company. It can also mean you are curious about what happened in the relationship that caused it to end.

If you dream of swimming/bathing with your ex:

Whenever a body of water is seen in a dream this is a symbol of your emotional self. As the saying goes, “The deeper the water, the deeper the emotions run.”

If the water is calm this indicates calm feelings or that a conflict has been resolved causing inner peace. If the water is rough or choppy this indicates that there is turmoil and that conflict resolution is still needed.

Consider the water in context to your feelings about your ex. this can help you better understand whether or not you are fully over the break-up and what feelings you are experiencing about your ex at the subconscious level.

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If you dream of having good times with your ex:

This could be an indicator that you are missing some aspect of your relationship with your ex, that you have let go of the past and see the relationship for what it was, and that you are ready to embrace and keep the positive aspects of it.

If you dream of enjoying time with your ex this does not necessary mean that you would like to reconcile the relationship or that your ex is a good match for you (although it could) but typically just means that you have had healing since the break up and wish to retain the more positive moments in your heart.

Have you dreamt about an ex? What do you think your dream means? Share your dream about your ex and your interpretation in the comments below.

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