Elevator Dream Meaning – Top 20 Dreams About Elevators

Did you dream about elevators? An elevator or a mechanical lift inside the dream typically represents a level of status and wealth. It can also depict a state of your consciousness. For example, if you are riding a glass elevator where you can see the floors below you, you will be observing the world from an elevated viewpoint. Below are the most common situations of an elevator dream. And how they can relate to your subconscious and waking life.

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Depends on the dream event with the elevator, it can represent and interpret in several contexts. Like all dream interpretations, always consider where you are riding an elevator. Take note of the people who are on the elevator with you and what happens inside the elevator. Also, think about your emotions when riding an elevator in the dream.

Please note that a proper elevator dream with meanings should depict elevators you normally do not ride in. When the dream is about your daily life, it can simply be your mind refreshing a day’s work. These types of dreams might not have any real hidden symbols.

Dream About Elevator Movements

In general, the elevator’s normally up and down action represents the ups and downs of your life. When you ascend in an elevator to an upper floor, it suggests your rise to power and wealth. The opposite is true when you are descending in an elevator. You are staying true to facts and coming back to reality. The descending elevator event signifies setbacks and misfortunes.

The normal function of an elevator can also represent the different “levels” of your mind. Perhaps you have several layers of memories buried deep inside. You access those parts of your mind by riding an elevator.

If you have a choice of going up in the elevator instead of the stairs in the dream, it could suggest that you are picking an easier way out of your situation. Or that there might outside help to get you where you want to in life. Perhaps you are getting in touch with mentors that can assist with your business decisions.