Dreams do they mean anything?

Do dreams really mean anything? Dreams, when recalled the following morning, can be seen as symbols for events in our daily lives. Many different theories about dreaming have been created to help decipher meaning behind what could have happened in our dream or why it had occurred.

The most common meaning of dreams is that they are an individual’s subconscious thoughts coming out through narrative. The meaning of dreams can either be found in symbolism, language patterns or simply by putting all the pieces together.

When recalling a dream that was experienced the night before many people find themselves trying to piece together what it meant after discovering something significant happened during their time asleep. This type of thinking happens because there are connections between the brain and body when at rest due to rapid eye movement (REM) activity.

Studies have been done to prove this theory, for instance a study was done by Jie Zhang and John A. Bargh which suggested that people can feel what they dream about when in REM sleep meaning there is some sort of neurological connection between the mind and body during REM.

Another study suggests dreams can be seen as symbols for things in our daily lives meaning one could think about their crush while dreaming meaning it could symbolize their feelings towards them in some way.

This shows that dreams are relatable meaning they aren’t just random events that happen while we rest; they seem to represent something significant that is happening or has happened in the recent past meaning the meaning behind dreams doesn’t seem to be far fetched and is often based on what has happened in our waking lives meaning dreams do mean something.

While there are many different interpretations that can be made meaning isn’t always clear, meaning dreams aren’t just random images seen while we rest. There are many theories behind the meaning of dreams such as Freudian meaning where certain objects, people or events could represent a sexual desire or Jungian meaning which includes archetypes to help identify symbols and their meaning.

There is still much discussion about whether or not dreaming actually means anything and if it has significance within our daily lives but for now this may be one interpretation and reason why it does happen.

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