Diaper Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Diapers

Did you dream about the diaper? Diapers in dreams symbolize childish or dependent attitudes. It is a sign that someone is unable to control or hold their emotions and outbursts. Perhaps you are in a stage where you are either in need of help or taking care of other people. Depending on how the diapers are being used in the context of the dream, it could be interpreted with different meanings.

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Dream About Getting Diaper

Buying New Diapers
Buying new diapers in the dream, indicates that you will soon encounter new changes in life. Every day you will experience new challenges as well as the opportunities that they bring. The dream suggests that you will soon take on new projects and ideas that are taking off the ground.

Getting and Receiving Diaper
To see yourself getting and receiving a diaper from someone, points to someone’s trying to look after you. Perhaps they believe that you need to be taken care of. It could also suggest that you might have dependency or mommy issues.

Dream About Changing Diaper

Changing Diaper
To changing another person or baby’s diaper, suggest a need to clean up someone’s behavior after their mistakes. Be wary of your employees or colleagues starting new attitudes or projects. As the dream foretells that they will fail and you will have to cover their downfall.

Cleaning Cloth Diaper
To see yourself washing and cleaning reusable cloth diaper, foretells that you will be able to save cost or get additional income. Try to do the dirty work that others do not want.

Holding a Diaper With Leaks
To see yourself holding a diaper that is leaking and making a mess in the dream, expects problems and conflicts with the children or other childish individuals. You will soon have to deal with other people’s immature attitudes behaviors.