Diamond Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Diamonds

Did you dream about the diamond? Diamonds in your dream signify the wholeness of the self. Pay attention to the quality of the diamond. Consider where the diamond is used in the jewelry. And finally, take note of your actions towards the diamond. These can offer you subtle clues to decipher the presence of diamonds within your dream. Below we will go through more specific dreams regarding diamonds.

Table of Content

Dream About General Diamond Related Actions

Losing a Diamond
Losing diamonds or selling diamonds in the dream may indicate that you are living beyond your means. To have a loose diamond on your jewelry that is likely to fall out and get lost suggests that you do not handle your finances well. Perhaps you are making risky investments that will end up losing you a fortune.

Seeing Through a Diamond
Seeing through a diamond or seeing the light shining through a diamond suggests that you are finding clarity in matters that have been clouding you.

Selling Diamond Jewelry
To dream about selling or pawning a diamond ring suggests financial hardships are affecting your romantic relationship. A divorce or separation may be in play due to money issues.

Dream About Where the Diamond Is

Diamond in a Display Shelf
To dream about seeing a diamond in a shopping display represent vanity and conceit. It reflects that you are distancing yourself from others by believing that you are a much better person.

Diamond Shape
Dreaming about diamond-shaped objects symbolizes the potential directions that you can take in life. There may be many ways to achieve your goals.