Dam Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Dam

Did you dream about the dam? It points to an artificial structure that is built to hold back repressed emotions. It is not necessarily a bad symbol. As a result of holding back your feelings, you can redirect that energy. Use the power of your reserved resources and motivations at the right time. Think about how you are interacting with the dam, and the function of the dam to get the perfect dream meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Working with Dams

Designing a Dam
To see yourself designing a dam in the dream; indicate that you are capable of dealing with anything that life throws at you. You are planning your future to handle any types of future difficulties and obstacles. Creating a personal safe harbor where you could collect yourself and your emotions. Perhaps you know the area where you might be lacking.

And you are building a reserve to take control of future problems. Consider the purpose, type, and style of the dam that you are designing. Designs such as arch can provide some insights into your future. Is the dam used to generate electricity? Or used to conserve water for farmland and other uses.

Constructing a Dam
To dream that you are actively constructing a dam with steel and concrete; points to protection and bottling of emotions. You are being strong and steadfast to your beliefs. Not letting other people’s negativity affecting what you have to do. Carry through imminent dangers and nervousness.

Releasing Water Reserve from Dam
Dreaming that you are opening the valve to release dirt or water through the pipes; suggests that you need to release the buildup of pressure and negativity. Find the right channel at the right time to let go of bad feelings You need a periodic release of stress to have a healthy balance. Do not bottle up all the negativity without some type of release.

Other Dam Related Actions

Destroying a Dam
Intentionally destroying a dam with bombs or huge cannonball; denotes that you have lost control of your anger. You are overwhelmed with pent up emotions. Now you are taking a drastic approach to destroy everything.