Curry Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Curry

Did you dream about curry? To see or taste curry in your dream suggests that you are emotionally sensitive and easily irritable. Because of this nature, you are more susceptible to exotic things and unique experiences. Below are more curry-related dream interpretations and meanings.

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Dream About Eating Curry

Dream About Eating Curry
To eat curry in your dream indicates that you will succeed in your professional status shortly. You will need to pay attention to the detail and create certain plans that will benefit your business or organization.

Dream About Curry Mix That Taste Bad
To have curry with spices that do not fit your taste indicates that there will be difficult times shortly. You will not like how things progress and turn out at the end.

Dream About Ordering Curry at a Restaurant
Ordering curry at a restaurant indicates that you expect others to bring you adventure. The dream foretells that you will pay someone to come out with traveling or vacation plans shortly.

Dream About Cooking Curry

Dream About Cooking Curry Dish
Cooking curry in the dream with other ingredients means trying to create friendship or a relationship in waking life. Perhaps you have been trying to be more social and make connections with others.

Consider some of the main ingredients that you might use while cooking curry.