Crab Dream Meaning – Top 26 Dreams About Crabs

Did you dream about crabs? Crab in the dream symbolizes perseverance and tenacity. It could indicate that you are living in a social bubble where you might be clingy and dependent on other people. You are hanging on to a hopeless endeavor or comfort zone. Consider how you are interacting with the crab and the appearances of them to interpret the dream with better accuracy.

Table of Content

Dream About Crab Actions Towards You

Crab Pinching or Biting You
To dream about a crab claw pinching, attacking, or biting you; it indicates that someone’s stubbornness and tenacity will be troubling to you. You will request or ask someone to do something for you. He or she will act “crabby” and be irritable towards you.

Talking Crab
A talking crab in the dream relates to someone or messages that unmotivate you. Be aware of the negative things being said. The crab in the dream is going to talk you out of opportunities or chance to get yourself out of the rot.

Crab Chasing You
To see crabs chasing you down in the dream; forewarns a period of poor health. Be careful of crabby or weird skin growths like cancer. Watch out for your living or work environment.

Dream About General Crab Actions

Crab Fighting
To dream about crabs fighting; it points to the poor character of the people in your waking life. Perhaps you are spending time with people who constantly battle, gossip, and belittle each other. They do not see the greater picture nor purpose.

Flying Crabs
To dream about crabs flying; it indicates that you must not let negative emotions like jealousy or clinginess weighing you down. Look past the emotional hurts and repressed feelings moving forward.

Crab Running
Dreaming about crabs running across the bottom of the sea floor; it suggests that you know exactly where you need to go. You will soon experience a period of stability and calmness. You will avoid the most turbulent part of emotions by sticking true to your plan with perseverance and tenacity.