Contract Dream Meaning – Top 9 Dreams About Contract

Did you dream about contracts? Contract in dreams typically relates to some type of commitment or promise to deals with other people or even one’s self. You are ready to start a relationship or project. And you are convincing yourself to stick with it. Below we will note the various dream meanings for contracts.

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Dream About Preparing New Contracts

Dream About Preparing Contract
Preparing a contract in the dream, indicates that you are in the process of devoting yourself to a certain church, religion, or spirituality. You are figuring out how much you could serve and give away.

Dream About Getting a Business Contract
To see yourself landing a contract, indicates that you will soon be open to new business opportunities. You may have to make certain compromises in order to reach a mutual agreement.

Dream About Reading a Contract
The dream that you are reading a long contract, is a sign that you are thinking twice about a relationship or business dealing. You are carefully examining what you are getting yourself into waking life.

Dream About Signing Contract
Signing a contract in the dream indicates that you are ready to commit to a long term project or relationship.

Dream About Getting Out of Contract

Dream About Ripping or Tearing Up a Contract
To rip or tear up a contract, is a sign that you are ready to break the attachments to things and people around you. You are no longer sticking with your past choices or promises. And you are ready to give up something that you have once upheld to be true. Perhaps you are thinking about divorce or break up.