Computer Dream Meaning – Top 23 Dreams About Computer

Did you dream about computers? To see a computer in your dream depicts access technology, information retrieval, and modern living life. Consider the type of computer you are using such as PC, Mac, or Chromebook; how you are using and interacting the computer in the dream, and your emotions within the computer-related dream to get a deeper understanding and interpretation. It represents an efficient gateway for you to access the outside world from a personal point of view. Below we will go over the most common meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Using Computer

Playing Computer Game
Playing computer video games typically suggests some sort of escape from reality. This is especially true if you typically only use computers for work or test study purposes.

Working on Computer
To dream that you are working on a computer, consider the type of work that you are doing and where you are. If your typical day involves a computer, the dream may simply be a reflection of your daily job. Of perhaps you are using a computer at a library, at school, or in your bedroom?

Using the Computer for Other Purpose
Focus on the purpose that you are using a computer for. For example, are you using a search engine to look up information? Looking over your past photo albums? Or use a social network to look up and connect with friends. A computer in this dream is only a bridge for your mind to show your true desires in waking life.

Dream About Computer Issues

Software Problems

Broken Computer Not Working Physically
If a broken computer cannot turn on at all and not working, it indicates and pinpoints issues and problems that you must explore to resolve. Perhaps you lack motivation in the case of missing electricity power or battery. Or maybe you cannot function optimally due to other issues. Consider getting your body checked up for any potential problems that you might overlook.

Computer Software Crashing or Glitching
To dream that your software or computer operating system like Windows or Apple crashes; it indicates that you have encounter conflicting or outdated views or opinions internally. You are suffering from faulty logic that will stop you cold from your goals.