Comb Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Comb

Did you dream about combs? They represent the need to organize and sort your thoughts. Perhaps you need to go through your worries, fears, and desires. You want to present the best part of yourself so others understand what is going through your mind. A fancy or elaborate comb in the dream may reflect your preoccupation with appearances. Below we will help you discover the most common comb dream interpretations.

Table of Content

Dream About Getting or Giving Combs

Purchasing and Buying Comb
To purchase and buying a comb in the dream; suggests that you have to get out of your comfort zone. Work and try something new. A new look or new attitude might benefit you. This is the perfect opportunity for some new makeover.

Giving Comb
Giving a comb to someone foretells that you will develop a relationship with him or her. You will give her certain expectations on how to look and act. Perhaps you are looking for a business partner or life long friend.

Finding Comb
To dream about finding a comb; denotes that you will soon meet someone who will make a lasting impression on you. Perhaps it could a role model celebrity, a caring boss, or lovers. These people will change how you look and feel about yourself. You will be primed and shaped in some way.

Receiving Comb
Receiving a comb from someone in the dream; indicates that you have attracted the attention of someone. It also means that he or she has a certain bias or expectation from you. Consider talking to them to make sure that they understand who you truly are. Look forward to promotions or opportunities to expand your career.

Losing Comb
Losing the comb in the dream suggests that you will lose something very important to how you look. Watch out for significant life events like being fired. This will cause you to look bad such as bankruptcy or even homelessness. Do not be afraid to ask for help from others during times of need.