Coffin Dream Meaning – Top 30 Dreams About Coffins

Did you dream about coffins? Coffins in the dream relate to your look at your own immortality. It could also relate to how you perceive your life and chances of success. You believe that you will soon fail at something before you even started. You are exhibiting self-defeating thinking patterns. These thought processes will confine and significantly limit your potential for growth. You are no longer living the life you deserve. Below we will note more dream interpretations about coffins.

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Dream About Getting Coffin

Building a Coffin
To dream that you are building a coffin; suggests that you are preparing an exit strategy to end something in your life. Perhaps it could relate to a divorce or job resignation layoff that you are preparing for.

Coffin Falling
To see a coffin falling onto the floor or a hole in the ground; reflects your unwillingness to move forward. You will not admit defeat easily.

Buying and Getting New Coffin
To see yourself shopping and getting a coffin in the dream; signifies your thoughts and fears of death. Someone whom you know might have died or had a close encounter with death. You are subconsciously considering buying items such as burial grave plots or life insurances.

Finding Coffin
To see yourself finding a coffin in the dream; indicates that it is time to let something or someone go. A person who was once in your life as an ex-spouse is as good as dead. It is time to move on and forward in your life.

Hammer and Nailing a Coffin
To see yourself hammering and nailing a coffin shut; represents old ideas and habits that should be left for dead. You are saying goodbye to your previous beliefs and vices.