Chimney Dream Meaning – Top 8 Dreams About Chimney

Did you dream about the chimney? To see a chimney in your dream represents warmth, tradition, and family values. The most chimney-related dream associate with the relationship between you and other family members. Interpret all the chimney dreams here with detailed contexts.

Table of Content

Dream About Actions with Chimney

Dream About Cleaning the Chimney
If you are sweeping or cleaning the chimney as a sweeper, the dream indicates that you need to vent off your frustrations and get things out in the open.

Dream About Falling Down the Chimney
To dream about falling through and down from a chimney denotes sorrow and likely death in your family.

Dream About Climbing Out the Chimney
To climb inside a big chimney reflects the need to let go of the negativity or guilt that you have been holding in. The process will be tough yet necessary.

Dream About Conditions of the Chimney

Dream About Smoking Chimney in Use
If the chimney in the dream is letting go of the smoke or fume, the dream relates to some form of sexual release. Strong sexual drive is related if you dream about seeing fire within the chimney.

Dream About Broken or Collapsed Chimney
Dreaming of a broken chimney implies sexual impotence.