Cherry Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Cherry

Did you dream about the cherry? To see cherries in your dream symbolize honesty, truthfulness, sweetness, and good fortune. Fresh cherries relate to well-being, good news, and wish fulfillment. However, too many cherries in the dream also point to over-indulgence and temptation. Below are more specific cherry-related dream meanings and interpretations.

Dream About Growing and Harvesting Cherries

Dream About Cherry Tree
Dreaming about a flowering cherry tree, it is a sign that you will soon fall in love. And this love will be successful if you are willing to be patient.

Dream About Growing and Planting Cherries
Growing and planting cherry trees, indicates that you will get material prosperity and obtain a happy change.

Dream About Plucking Cherries Off Tree
Plucking cherries off trees suggests that your work ethics and results will satisfy your bosses. As a result, they may decide to promote you.

Dream About Eating Cherries

Dream About Bowl of Cherries
To see a bowl of cherries in the dream suggests that you should not take life so seriously. Instead, take it easy and enjoy what life has to offer.

Dream About Cherry Pits or Seed
Dreams of eating cherry pits or seed is a warning sign that you might suffer indigestion. You might have eaten more than what you could handle. You may have issues or disagreements with others. Things may not flow as well as before.