Seeing or eating lard in your dream suggests that you need to be vigilant in removing negativities from your life. Alternatively, the dream represents your worries about food and health issues.


To see or use a laptop in your dream represents your need to reach out and communicate with others under all circumstances.

To dream that your laptop is lost or stolen indicates that you are relying too much on your social network. You must try to do according to your skills and your merits.


Seeing a lapis lazuli in your dream suggests that no one is perfect. You have to accept yourself with your imperfections. Look inside yourself and your inner strength. Alternatively, the dream represents success, wisdom, and divine power.

Lap Dance

Giving or performing a lap dance in your dream suggests that you may be suppressing your sexual desires. Perhaps you feel inhibited from discussing your sexual pleasures.

To see or receive a lap dance in your dream indicates your need for a little more excitement in your sex life. Or are you looking for some privacy.


Noticing your belly in your dream implies opportunities or problems. It also refers to loneliness and loss.

To dream of sitting on someone’s lap represents your search for stability and security.

To dream of keeping someone on your lap signifies your attention and your nature. Alternatively, the dream implies that you are open to criticism.


To see or carry a lantern in your dream represents the feelings and the wisdom radiating within you. These qualities will serve to guide you through the journey of life.


To dream that you are studying a language suggests that you are having difficulty expressing your thoughts. You are facing an unknown problem that you don’t know how to approach and fix.

Hearing coarse or coarse language in your dream signifies a sticky situation.

Hearing or speaking a foreign language in your dream indicates a message from your subconscious that you have not yet understood.


To dream that you are changing lanes indicates your impatience. It also means that you have to change your attitude and the way you think.


To see a landslide in your dream represents emotions that you have held onto for a long time. You are on the verge of emotional overload. Your emotions explode unexpectedly or violently. The dream can also symbolize the stress in your life and all the responsibilities that are on your shoulders.


To dream of various landscapes in your dream represents where you are at with your life or relationships. How do you see yourself in relation to the rest of the world and those around you? Consider what’s going on in the landscape and how it might match your waking life. Specifically, an arid or arid landscape represents dissatisfaction in your love life. According to Freud, the dream landscape symbolizes the human body. A landscape with soft contours symbolizes the female body, while a rocky landscape represents the male body. Also consider the sensations that the landscape evokes.

To dream of ever-changing landscapes indicates psychological transitions or emotional progress. Represents the different stages of your life. Alternatively, it can offer you different points of view looking at the same idea or situation.Something could get out of hand. Observe the symbolism of the key elements of the landscape.