To see a kayak or a kayak in your dream indicates that you are emotionally well balanced. You are in tune with your feelings. Alternatively, the dream signifies that you are having success because of your willpower, determination, and determination.


To see katydids in your dream represents your listless attitude. Your relaxed attitude will make you miss out on life’s opportunities.

Listening to katydids in your dream means that you are too dependent on others.


To dream of karma represents your relationships and what you give and receive from others. Determine if the dream sensation is positive or negative.


To dream that you are doing karate suggests that you need to direct your energy and focus it towards your goals.


To dream of participating in karaoke suggests that you are overconfident in your abilities. Alternatively, you may not be using your talents to their full potential.


To see a kangaroo in your dream refers to maternal and paternal protection. You could express your nurturing and maternal nature. Maybe you are too protective. Alternatively, a kangaroo symbolizes aggression. If the kangaroo is jumping, then the dream is analogous to how you jump from one thing to another. You don’t have the capacity to stick to one thing.

To dream of a kangaroo attacking you indicates that your reputation is in question.


To see the Hindu goddess, Kali in your dream symbolizes the protective mother. For Hindus, the symbol may have a deeper meaning.


To see a kaleidoscope in your dream symbolizes the different fragments and facets that make up the character. Various aspects of your life come together. Alternatively, a kaleidoscope predicts how difficult it will be to achieve your goals and choose your path in life.


To convert to kabbalism or a dream of kabbalism means your connection with God and your understanding of the world you live.


Seeing the letter “K” in your dream implies that something is “ok”. Alternatively, the dream could be a pun on someone named “Kay” or whose initial begins with K.