Seeing your calves in your dream symbolizes movement and your ability to jump from one situation to another. Specifically, if you admire your own calves, it denotes a needy or co-dependent relationship.


To see slander in your dream indicates rivalry.

To dream that you are taking slander means you have been manipulated and exploited. It’s time to open your eyes and not get trampled on.


To dream of being calm denotes a fulfilling life. You find fulfillment and satisfaction in what you have.

To dream of someone trying to calm you down suggests that you will experience a lot of setbacks, especially if you continue to let your emotions get out of hand.


To dream of having corns symbolizes hard work. You’ve worked on a difficult task or situation.

Calling Card

Seeing or using a business card in your dream indicates that there is someone you need to contact. If the business card has the name of someone you know, it means their presence is with you spiritually, even though they may not be with you physically. Something in your waking life reminds you of this person.

Calla Lily

Seeing calla lilies in your dreams symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth and longevity. In particular, a white calla represents purity, simplicity or elegance. Alternatively, the calla refers to an engagement.


To see or use a caliper in your dream, you reflect your concerns not to measure the standards or expectations of others.


Known as the Golden State, dreaming of California refers to your desire for instant wealth. It can also suggest that you are looking for fame. If you live in California, the dream might just be a reflection of your reality.


To see a calf in your dream symbolizes immaturity and inexperience. You have to develop certain qualities.


To see a calendar in your dream represents the passage of time and past events. The dream can also be a reminder of a special event, date, or important date in your waking life.